"All South Africans deserve the right to access quality healthcare. The inequalities in access to quality healthcare between the rich and poor are vast in South Africa.  High costs in the private sector create barriers to access for the poor and only serve 30% of the population."

-Trevor Brewer, Co-founder at Get Health

Our Story

 Gary Hill and Trevor Brewer met whilst completing their business studies through Rhodes University. During this time their friendship and passion for making a difference in South Africa grew. While pursuing an MBA at Gordon Institute of Business Science, Trevor identified that any attempts to address this healthcare inequality could make a positive impact in the lives of many and ultimately change the healthcare landscape in this country. Gary, with his experience as a General Manager of an established distributor of food packaging products in South Africa, naturally could fill the important role needed in logistics, supply chain management and operations.  As a result, discussion grew between the co -founders in addressing this healthcare inequality and since, have made it their goal to try and bridge this gap between the private and public healthcare offerings. Their ambition took them across the globe to study best practices of delivering primary healthcare.


From this, Get Health was born with a mission to provide an affordable primary healthcare solution for all South Africans, which conforms to international standards, starting one clinic at a time.

Our Model

Get Health offers a uniquely individualized method of delivering healthcare for South Africans to ensure that the care received is suited to them. In allowing for this kind of patient-centric approach, the highest quality of care is delivered all the time, every time. At Get health we make use of two important health care workers; the health coach who is able to triage a patient and perform point-of-care testing, and the clinical associate, who is a new cadre of health worker in South Africa trained in primary health care provision and emergency medicine.  In making use of these health care workers, a patient's health care needs are effectively and timeously identified so that the most appropriate care for this individual can be provided.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of primary healthcare services to those who are seeking patient centric, affordable, quality healthcare.

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Our Mission

Ensuring access to patient-centric, affordable primary healthcare for all is at the heart of our mission. Our innovative delivery model allows our team of providers to provide each and every patient with quality healthcare. Get Health will provide the blue print to what is possible in the South African healthcare environment.