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Medical Consultations

Our team of clinical associates are qualified and trained to assess and examine all your primary health care needs and thereafter will work together with you to prescribe the most appropriate treatment.  Consultations cover everything from everyday ailments to chronic and lifestyle disease management

Consultations prices start from R165-R200


Point of Care Tests

Point-of-care tests are done by our health coaches to enable the health care team to design reliable and tailored patient management plans for our customers.  These tests can be done fairly quickly in the clinic without a full consultation, unless indicated by the test result.

Point-of-care test prices start from R30 upwards, depending on the test

Specialized Services


Oral Hygeine

Our dental hygienist is dedicated to preventing the most common dental and oral problems, such as cavities, gingivitis and bad breath.  Although brushing and flossing are daily practices amongst our customers, we additionally provide services such as scaling and polishing, teeth whitening and customized preventative programmes.

Oral Hygiene Consultations start at R250

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